Camila Parreiras

Obtained a degree in Visual Arts at UFMG. She is also a photographer and designer! Born and raised in Belo Horizonte / MG - BR is the Co-founder of Coletivo Negráfrica (2019), and shares with five other members the purpose of expanding the voice of black artists with different artistic perspectives through graphic productions and now also in the podcast format. Currently, she collects memories and experiences with her YouTube channel called: Colecionando Prosas.

Visual Arts

She works with the poetics of memory and her thematic clipping is in the displacements and accumulations of landscapes and objects collected in her daily walks or in spaces that have very different elements compared to those from her daily life that reflect on her own reality.


Works and researches photography on the act of moving and drifting in different cities. The following records are part of the collection of her series named: Accumulate vayas donde vayas.